Lacanian Analysis

Children & Adults

In a world where social links are easier than never, individuals may still feel disconnected and alone. For adults, this loneliness may stem from lacking the answers to fundamental questions such as "why am I suffering?" or "what would it take to live a more significant life?" For children, this alienation may provoke suffering from a human experience too premature to comprehend. Psychoanalysis provides a unique space, where stigmatization and standardization is lifted to give a new meaning to what constitute a fulfilled existence where desire becomes attainable.

Choosing to begin psychoanalysis is a life-changing decision that begins with a stumble. A loss of balance that requires wanting to find answers out of the ordinary paths, leading to the gate of desire where unprecedented and unexpected changes may occur. Jacques Lacan was a French psychiatrist who was known for his “return to Freud” emphasis. Well-known and implemented in other continents like South America and Europe, Lacanian analysis steps away from the standard and manuscript approach found in other forms of treatment, and provides an innovative approach where individuals can speak freely without censorship. 


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